This Wikispace was created by Ms. Hooker for John Dewey High School students in her Computer Design, Advanced Computer Design, CSI, Flash, and Publications classes. Ms. Bouiss also uses this Wikispace for her Computer Design, Beginning Film and Advanced Film classes. The deweymaclab.wikispaces serves as a resource for classroom activities and as a place to showcase student work. Students who want their work published on the space are welcome to submit their work as directed by Ms. Hooker.

The space is mostly edited by Ms. Hooker and the Publications students who use the Pub pages as an organizational and information sharing tool. Other members include our Principal Mr. Fried and other members of our faculty. JDHS alumni who have something to contribute about their after high school experiences in the design and/or publications fields are encouraged to request memberships. Also invited are Mac Lab alumni that would like to share pearls of new found wisdom or maybe just fond memories of Dewey. Please follow our protocol for user names: First name followed by an underscore followed by the first initial of your last name. Please use mixed case. EXAMPLE: Martina_H. Also please explain why you want to join. Your request to join will be rejected if you do not follow the user name protocol and if you do not state your reason for wanting to join our Wikispace.

You can email Ms. Hooker: mhooker@schools.nyc.go