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THU 10-18

What do the Character Animation Tutorials show us as an alternative to using layers?

WED 10-17

Special note: If you haven't done the Creative Mask assignment yet, you may be interested in doing an ALTERNATIVE assignment: ANIMATED MASK. OR you can do them both and get EXTRA CREDIT

  • They were created for an OLDER version of Flash so you have to interpret some of the instructions.

TUE 10-16

You can use the Character Animation Tutorials to do your final UNIQUE ANIMATION project.
Use the tutorials but create your own character, your own background, and a modified walk or movement

MON 10-15

Final Project
Use skills that you learned this Cycle to create an animation that has at least 10 time frames.
• Animate a character that reacts to something that changes in the environment
Circles help create the illusion of 3D Form, especially if you add gradients.

• Illustrate a math concept
• Use text
• Use the TRANSFORM TOOL to make objects move from background to forgound.
• Use a MASK on a photograph to isolate an object from its background. (No action script required to do this)
• Use the line tool and different stroke weights

Plan it out. Sketch out the frames on the TIME FRAME SKETCHES sheet.

FRI 10-15

Creative Mask

THU 10-11

Creative Mask

WED: 10-10

Grading criteria for your CreativeMask project.

TUE: 10-9

Use the mask tutorial to create your own creative animation.
Start a new animation
NAME IT "MaskCreativeYourFirstName"
Use two images
Create some kind of "window" for looking through the top image to the image on the bottom.
Relate your work to the theme of REVEALING something.

FRI: 10-5

Last class day for Mask tutorial

THU: 10-4

Mask tutorial: If at first you don't succeed - TRY AGAIN!

WED: 10-3

Midcycles Grades go in tomorrow morning

Mask Tutorial

If you're done with the MASK TUTORIAL you can...

Start a new animation
NAME IT "MaskCreativeYourFirstName"
Use the MASK TUTORIAL again.
Use an image that you find on your own (540 x 400 pixels)
Don't use a square again
Make the animation more complicated in some way

TUE: 10-2

Review Mask Tutorial

MON: 10-1

Mask Tutorial Demonstration

Midcycle grades: "P" if you handed in all of your work


FRI: 9-28

New Tutorial
Flash Mask Tutorial

THU: 9-27

Continue Tracing

WED: 9-26

Continue tracing

TUE: 9-25

Program Planning Day
Do something (little) to animate your tracing.
Publish it and drag the correctly named SWF file to the SUBMIT SWF files folder in the GROUP SHARED FOLDER
SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not have permission to publish, please submit your HTML file
You can start

new tutorial today

Name your Flash file "Mask(FirstName)"

Animation Planing Sheet: You can work on this in class if you are up to date with all your work. Or bring it home and complete it.

MON: 9-24

Finish up tracing assignment

THU: 9-20 & FRI: 9-21

Q1. When you draw a shape, what's important to check before you try to fill it with color?
New assignment!
Go to the group shared folder and pick one of the copyright free images to trace.
Paste it into a new Flash document.
Save and name it "TracingFirstname.fla"
Now go to the tutorial with this link.

WED: 9-19

Describe your animation idea in steps. Break it down into 10 or more steps.

TUE: 9-18

Continue Monday's assignment and submit printed work into the Submit folder for your class
HAND in past due reflections (Print on Printer 1 and place into Submit folder for your class)
See "Assignments" Link for more information

MON: 9-17

Look at the three links under the FLASH BY PROFESSIONALS HEADING
Search for another example of FLASH animation. Try searching for "Flash Animations" with Google
Choose one site and respond to the following questions:
1. Which site did you find on your own?
2. Which site did you choose?
3. What is the purpose of this site?
4. Who is the audience?
5. What particularly impressed you about it?
6. Can you guess how some aspects of the site were created (programs and techniques used)? Describe
7. Describe what you like the most about the site
QUESTION 8 REMOVED. See WED 9-18 posting for revised version

Type your responses onto a MS Word document, print on PRINTER 1, and place into the SUBMIT FOLDER for your class