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Adv Comp Des: Period 4


02 Photo Corrections (L1)............Objectives & File Setup

Do Now Review:

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Notebook Do Now (3/23/16)

Open the BOOK to PAGE 44 and
LIST the 5 TOOLS mentioned
Which ones, if any, have you used before?

Color Replacement

Spot Healing Brush
Clone StampTool
Sponge Tool
Patch Tool

02 - Basic Photo Corrections

File Setup
02Hooker Martina.png
1. Click on the 02Start link
2. RENAME the file by REPLACING the words
START with your LAST NAME followed
by your FIRST NAME.
Example: 02Hooker Martina
3. After you have saved the file as
per the instructions above,goto
PAGE Page 48, Step 4

NYC Visual Arts Benchmarks

• Art Making
• Developing Art Literacy
• Making Connections Through Visual Arts
• Community and Cultural Resources
• Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning