Add Background Image

03Working Add Texture Background New.png
1. Open your layers palette and unlock the Background
layer and turn it into a regular layer by double kicking on it.
Double click on the layer name in the Layers Palette
2. Set the Transparency Setting to Grid so you can
see the results of deleting the white pixels in step 4.
Photoshop > Preferences > Transparency & Gamut:
Set the Grid Size to Small/Medium/Large

3. Select the Magic Wand Tool and make sure the
Tolerance is set to 32.
4. Click on the white pixels with the Magic Wand Tool
to select them. Delete them.
Shift Click to select any that didn't get selected if you
need to.
5. Go on the Internet and search for a texture/pattern that is
2000 pixels x 2000 pixels or larger.

••• Texture & Pattern Examples: Water, Grass, Rocks,
Stripes, Polka Dots, Burlap, Marble.

••• 2000 x 2000 because your 03Working file is about
that big and you don't want to scale
any images up if they are smaller..

6. Right-Click on the Full Size Internet
7. Edit > Copy
8. Activate your 03Working File
9. Edit > Paste
10. Drag the pasted image file LAYER to the
bottom of the LAYERS palette


Add More Objects

03Working Extension Final.png
1. Google Image Search: Search for an image of an object that goes
with the seashell theme of 03Working.
2. Make sure it has enough pixels
Remember, your file is about 2000 pixels wide so if you want a dolphin
that is about the same size as the sand dollar, find one that is no
smaller than 400 pixels wide. You can always scale it down if it's
bigger but if you scale it up, you will lose image quality.

3. Go to FULL SIZE image
4. Right Click COPY
5. Open your 03Working file
6. Edit > Paste
7. Add at least 2 more images


03Working Extension Final with Color.png

Adjust Color

See Ms. Hooker for Demo