Dewey Mac Lab Alumni visit the Mac Lab!

Carmen Wang, Class of 2009
CUNY City Technology
Welcome Freshmen! I am glad Dewey teachers prepared me for college and I miss most of them.
Try all sorts of classes to see what you are interested in so you can decide on a major in college.
I am currently going for my nursing degree and I took classes at Dewey that relate to that major. Also, try to take advanced classes, it will better prepare you for college. But don't overwhelm yourself with too much work, know your limits. And most of all, have fun! BUT DO YOUR WORK!!!

Jordan Wong, Class of 2009
Cuny College of staten island
Take a lot of electives and go to Advanced Computer Design to learn about computer arts. Take advantage of what Dewey has to offer. For college I am going to study business.


Ken Ruan, Class of 2008
CUNY Hunter
Take advantage of all the resources
your school offers. And don't hesitate
to ask for advice/instructions. My
majors are Sociology & Theatre. My
work can be found at www.Myspace.

Ken was here...AGAIN 1/5/09 and says,
"Will I be the same person five years from
now?" Change is change; somehow it is
inevitable. How many more visitors?!"

Jia Fa Yu, Class of 2006
Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island
Came to visit, came and gone in five mins. PEACE OUT
Amanda Pusey, Class of 2007
SUNY Binghamton,
Currently I am an RA, and secretary of Caribbean Student Association
I miss Dewey a lot, and I remember when I was part of the Dewey Newspaper where I helped out in the Mac Lab
Tyler Copes, Class of 2007
I am currently enrolled in City Tech and I also run which you can visit right now.
City Tech is a great school with great opportunities which you can be a part of for those who love design and art. You can also join the school paper which I'm also a part of.
Well thats enough about me,
Starr Out!
Visit me at Comic Con 08!