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Art Elements Listed and Defined

Independent Projects

Test Tomorrow - Review Study Sheet

Color Mixing (L2)..................Primary Colors

Do Now: 3 Mins

Answer the Do Now Review Question on the scrap paper provided.
Copy the Instructional Objectives into your notebook
Color Wheel Paint 6 Large.png


What is special

about the colors

Yellow, Blue

& Red?

Instructional Objectives

Students will be able to....
1....label their color wheels with the
......3 primary colors
2....use acrylic paint to add the 3
......primary colors and tints and
......shades to their color wheels
3....manage the painting supplies
......properly including how to care
......for brushes

Motivational Question:

Respond to the daily MQ in your notebook
Color Wheel Paint 7 Large.png


What do you

get when you

add black or

white to

a color?


Review the DNR, Objectives & MQ

Color Mixing.............................. Project Defined
Color Wheel Paint Final NEWW.png
You will create a color wheel design
and then add the colors by physically
mixing the colors yourself with paint!
You will use the 3 primary colors plus
black and white to create all the colors,
shades and tints you see here!


Step-By-Step.........Add Primary Colors
Color Wheel Paint 6.png
1. Label your color wheel with the letters Y,B & R (or spell out
the names) for the 3 primary colors.
Position the letters so that the 3 primary colors will be arranged
in a triangle with Yellow on top as shown in the example

Step-By-Step.........Start With One Color
COlor Wheel Paint 6a.png
2. Start with one color. Fill the middle shape with it.
Q1. How should you dip the brush into the paint?
3. Put some paint on the palette and with a clean brush add a little bit
of white to create a tint. Mix it on the palette and then fill in the shape
on your color wheel.
4. Clean your brush in the water
Q2. How can you make sure the paints don't get dirty?
5. Make a new clean puddle of color on your palette and then create the
shade by adding a very little bit of black (black goes a long way)
6. Clean your brush in the water
Color Wheel Paint 7.png
7. Repeat the process until you have filled your color wheel with the 3 primary
colors, along with shades and tints of the 3 primary colors, as shown in the
Q3. How should your brush be put away?

Color Mixing.............................. Creative Extension

Color Wheel Mixing Creative Samplee.png
Work on a more complex design at
home. Make sure it includes shapes
for the 12 colors, 2 shades and 2 tints
for each primary and each secondary
Also make sure that the colors are
positioned as shown.
See sample to the left.


Test Instructions

No Talking at all. Please keep eyes
directed towards your own paper
Write a letter into space to the left question
Check off answers as you use them
each answer is only used once

Link to Video
1. Draw a circle