The 12 Mac Lab Rules & Routines:

1. Ask yourself each day, "What can I do to be part of a positive & productive learning environment"?
2. Respect the zero tolerance for gum, candy, food, drinks, hair combing, and use of hand lotion.
3. Dress appropriately for school: Hats are not permitted and pants must be secured at the waist
4. Be in your seat when the late bell rings. Attendance will be taken and the day's learning activity will begin right away. Please do not ever use the beginning of class time to see your guidance counselor or anything else. When appropriate, you will be given a pass to leave the classroom after attendance and the learning activity
5. A collectable Do Now activity will take place during the first 3 minutes of class. Do not be late for class!
6. Sit at your assigned seat. Changing seats may result in work getting lost
7. Hand in your work everyday. Handing in your work is a way to back it up in case your file gets corrupted or lost
8. Use respectful and appropriate language. Everyone in the Mac Lab has the right to feel comfortable and safe and cursing is not appropriate in a classroom environment. Cursing in class may result in a Dean's Referral.
9. Use headphones only when permitted and play music quietly enough so that you can hear your name being called. Pandora radio only is permitted so time isn't spent searching for songs.
10. Do not touch another student's computer, keyboard, or mouse
11. Be a good citizen by checking on your neighbor. Check to see if he/she is following the lesson and help if you can. Never try to help another student by doing his/her work. Try talking him/her through it or come to me.
12. If you see someone damaging or defacing a computer, or any part of the lab, tell him/her to stop!
Failure to follow any of the guidelines above will result in the loss of Participation in Class points (see other side)